Charity Fundraising Program

Is it for you?

Are you looking for a new & fresh alternative source of an inflow of money for your charity, school, sports team or any non-profit organization? Do you want to expand your brand awareness?

What do we offer

The Eclectic Connoisseur would love to help you accomplish any goals you have. We offer a highly attractive profit sharing program. We will design apparel and merchandise for your brand. After developing and finalizing the products (with your participation), we will construct a comarketing plan and share the revenue from the products. We provide you with all off the tools necessary to roll out, sell and market appeal and merchandise related to our brand


The profit sharing program is extremely easy to use, manage and apply too. It also offer an easy tracking system and the option to also gain a part of the revenue from the existing 1400+ items in our store.

Everyone has something eclectic in them, and we have something eclectic for anyone.

An example of the profit that you would receive:
Selling 100 products would yield roughly 400$ for your organization.

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, or if you have any questions regarding this revenue sharing program: please reach out to us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us at